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News April, 2018

”Seglora kyrkmarsch” Swedish Wedding Music No. 2 and Children of the Heavenly Father (for organ) published in new editions optimized for ease of playing edited in collaboration with Carson Cooman who has specialized in performing contemporary music.

Seglora Church at Skansen in Stockholm is one of Sweden’s most popular churches for weddings.” Seglora kyrkmarsch” or “Swedish Wedding Music No. 2” was written by Thomas Åberg on commission for the inauguration of the complementary organ there in 2004.


Seglora church at Skansen in Stockholm (Photo: Thomas Åberg)



Swedish Wedding Music


Seglora kyrkmarsch (2004) – “Swedish Wedding Music #2”.

Short wedding version - Free download
Version for manuals only – Free download


Listen to the composer playing

Listen to the composer playing the version for manuals only 


The original long versions for organ and solo instrument and solo organ published by Svensk Musik are also edited in collaboration with Carson Cooman in April 2018.


The music from Skansen is recorded on CD with organist Karin Strid (Label Nosag CD116).





More “Very Swedish Music”


Children of the Heavenly Father (arr. by Thomas Åberg in 2007).

Listen to CARSON COOMAN playing

Version for great organ – Free download
Version for manuals only – Free download

These versions are also edited in collaboration with Carson Cooman, April 2018.




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Sheet music (complete set) available as FREE DOWNLOAD from this website:

Music for strings (2000) - (vi1/vi2/vla/vcl/cb)

Score – free download

Parts (vi1)(vi2) (vla)(vcl) - (cb)

Listen to the work on YouTube

Recorded at concert in Allhelgonakyrkan, Lund by Fredrik Ahlström 2006. Ensemble from the Malmö Opera. Violin: Per Modin (concert master), Anna Blomkvist, Thomas Gunnarsson, Victoria Bentzell-Axell, Urban Borg, Johanna Andersson; Viola: Åsa Weiler, Martin Ranefalk; Cello: Lyssa Davidsson, Ulrika Mårtensson; Contrabass: Katri Tuomennovi. Instrumentation: Eyvind Hallnäs. Conductor: Johan-Magnus Sjöberg, Published with all the necessary permits.




For Saxophone



Toccata #2 in a version for saxophone (2001). Listen to LARS KRISTOFFERSSON playing

For saxophone - Free download

Listen to the original version for organ performed by CARSON COOMAN




For Choir


Summer Hymn

Sommarpsalm - English version: Summer Hymn
Music and original Swedish text: Thomas Åberg, 1981,
Arranged for chorus: Bengt-Göran Sköld, 2006
English text adaptation: Carson Cooman, 2012


English version - Free download

Published with kind co-operation from publisher Noteria!


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