Thomas Åberg, Composer

Member of FST - Society of Swedish Composers

“How is a composer like a pig?
They're both only appreciated after they're dead!”
Max Reger, German composer/organist (1873-1916)


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Thomas Åberg

Thomas Åberg (b. 1952) was born in Stockholm, Sweden and works there as composer, independent organist, and music administrator. Most of his works are written for the organ and are characterized by their rhythmic joy, simplicity, and humor. He has stated that "music must bring enjoyment, without abandoning reverence," and as such his style often uses the most basic of musical materials to create a discourse that is both spiritual and visceral.

His music has been performed by organists at festivals throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA. He also tours regularly worldwide as concert organist with his own works. Member of FST – Society of Swedish Composers since 1986. Listen to some of his US concerts on YouTube - link to playlist.

Photo by NIDA (including banner): Visit to Boston in September 2015, MA - Read more



NEW TOCCATA: Toccata XVI (2016) - for manuals only

Listen to CARSON COOMAN playing


Sensational recording project - American concert organist & composer CARSON COOMAN records 65 of Åberg’s works - Read more and listen


More about Carson Cooman's recording project

In the fall of 2011, Carson Cooman began a project to create online demonstration recordings of organ repertoire by 20th and 21st century composers. The pieces chosen are primarily short works that are accessible and useful to organists of all skill levels, for either service or recital playing. Read more and listen




American concert organist JAMES D. HICKS - CD release in September 2015: Nordic Journey V (including Åberg's Toccata XIII) - Read more


Write-up on Fantasy A-Minor from The Diapason (USA):

"As with all of Åberg’s music, this piece has a unaffected haunting grace that transcends its apparent simplicity. It is not difficult music, but you can expect to have it running through your mind for days afterward." JAY ZOLLER, The Diapason (November 2015)

Website of The Diapason | Journal of the Pipe Organ & Church Music

Read more about Mr Zoller's career as organist, organ builder and painting artist: The Lincoln County News


Poems by JOHN GRACEN BROWN (USA)  - Read more and listen


From Italy:

Concert organist LUCA MASSAGLIA & MARCO CASAZZA, violin playing works by Åberg - playlist on YouTube


Concert organist and composer: MARCO LO MUSCIO playing works by Åberg - playlist on YouTube


From Poland:

Concert organist PAWEL SELIGMAN playing works by Åberg - playlist on YouTube


To the Memory of Charles W. Curley (1931-2016):

PARADE (2016) - organ version of "Music for Strings (2000)" - SMIC - sample
Now also available in a version for piano - SMIC - sample

Mr. Curley - "Chuck" - was my dear friend and my concert organizer in the USA for over 20 years. We had many laughs and miles together when he drove me round to different churches to play concerts. "I'm your chauffeur" he said with a French accent as a joke. In the late 90's he hinted that I might write a piece for one of the school orchestras in his neighborhood. This "hint" later became "Music for Strings (2000)". Chuck was "crazy" about everything Swedish and especially Swedish organ music. Therefore I created this piece "PARADE" to honor his memory. 

Charles Curley Obituary.


Chuck and his wife Janice 2006. Photo: Thomas Åberg


New Melodrama for St. Francis Day: "Weisflog's Dog"